Expert Estimation Genesis Drag & Drop is Coming

Pronamics Expert Estimation Software Update

More fun than you can poke a spaceship at!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far…wait, wrong spiel…

I sense a disturbance in the Force…hmm, that’s not it either.

Let’s get to the point!

An update for Expert Estimation Genesis is in the works and is scheduled
to touch down mid-January.

What’s on board?
  • Drag and drop – You’ve been waiting for it, so we made sure it’s amazing.
  • Nine all-new reports – It’s great to get the information into, now you can get it out too!
  • Printing from analysis windows – Enough data to sink a ship.
  • Performance enhancements and optimisations – Productivity is everything.
  • And so much more.

The countdown to release has begun. Strap yourself in, because this one is going to be extraordinary!