Pronamics Fairy God Buddy Week

Fairy God Buddy

Why wait until Christmas for gift giving?

Pronamics celebrates Fairy God Buddy Week, the purpose of which is to share gratitude, appreciation, and kindness with each other… and it’s a whole lot of fun.

How do we do it?

Step 1: Pull the name of another staff member out of a hat.

Step 2: Chat to other staff and find out what makes your buddy tick.

Step 3: Deliver fun little gifts and surprises to show how much you value your buddy.

Step 4: Receive your own gifts and try to guess who has you for a Fairy God Buddy!

From flowers and delivered pizza to quirky unicorn hats and even a macaroon-making class at lunchtime, everyone had the chance to try to do something meaningful for someone else. Staff teamed up to secretly leave little gifts or post-it notes of appreciation.

The genuine effort and fun of Fairy God Buddy week is what makes Pronamics such a terrific place to work.