Tips & Tricks Video: Filter Editor


Filter any grid, any time, to view things just the way you like it.

Filtering applies to more than just your coffee. There are many columns in Estimation displaying a plethora of information. It’s very common to need to reorder data to see just what you need to when checking over your cost estimates and cost schedules.

The Filter Editor is available in almost all windows where columns are available. This tool allows users to modify the contents of the grid so that only items that match the specific criteria set will be displayed.

Almost any grid in Expert Estimation may be filtered so you see just the items that you want to see. This is very useful if you want to focus on certain direct cost items, or certain resources for example.

You can find the filter editor by right-clicking here on the column header and select filter editor.

You can choose which column to filter by… then which filter to use… and then enter the value or text to filter by. In our example in the video, we see only the items that include the word ‘concrete’ in the description.

You can edit the filter to take it a step further. Click to add more filter criteria. In the video we add a second parameter or argument so we see only the concrete items with a quantity greater than five.

The filter editor can help you quickly select the items to include in a report. First apply the filter and then click the box here to select all the visible items.

And it’s an introduction to the Filter Editor in Expert Estimation.