Glenn Fordham (TRN Group)

expert estimation 30 years

“We first bought Expert Estimation in January 2001, looked at it for a few months before “taking the plunge” and did our first tender with it.

It was worlds apart from handwritten notes/workings and MS Excel that we were using at the time. I remember everyone first struggling with it as the “appearance” of cells for example in the Direct Cost Schedule caught people out trying to use MS Excel shortcuts, formulae and commands, but Pronamics Support has always been exceptional – any time of day. Something we’ve always valued greatly. As the library of projects grows and is shared amongst Project Manager’s it continuously improves efficiencies in the tendering process.

The software is still great. We’ve seen/had no reason to look elsewhere. I consider using Expert Estimation a key part of our success and growth over the last 20 years. It does a hundred more things than we’d ever use however the younger Project Manager’s coming through love to explore some of the other features and educate the older hands at new ways of doing things which I think is invaluable to ongoing success in bidding.

I’ve also appreciated dealing with a fellow family business and witnessed their growth and success over the same period.”