Townsley 2.0 Launched!

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In 2015, Townsley 2.0 was launched…

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Townsley 2.0 (aka Ben Townsley) initiated in 2001. Initially deployed as a Cadet Programmer, several upgrades were added over time, including Technical Support, Training, Application Development and Decision Making modules.

After seven years of Beta testing as Chief Information Officer, Townsley 2.0 (Ben) was launched on 1 May 2015.

Townsley 2.0

Townsley 2.0 (Ben) key features include:

  • Enhanced scalability and integration
  • Upgraded customer service features
  • Level-up capabilities

Successor to Townsley 1.0 (Glen), the sleeker, faster Townsley 2.0 has continued to set the standard for cost estimation and project management solutions globally.