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30 Years Providing What Estimators
and Project Managers Need

At Pronamics, we are here for you

We do what we do because we want your business to succeed. We believe in the things you construct, reimagine and innovate.

We build software that helps you improve your financial reliability—so you can get on with doing what you do best, at your best.

Proof of what we believe and why

We have been focused on outstanding cost estimation and project management software for 30 years. Our software is proven. It has been used for years by the biggest construction companies in the country. They know and trust us.

Try us out and see.  We have a 30-day trial so you can try any of our software and get full 24/7 support for free during that time. We will even do a proof of concept on your own project if you like.

Your success matters

Dream big. Be inspired. Whether you plan, build or fix, we can help bring your dreams to reality with great budgeting, estimating and project managing. We will continue to deliver the best software, support and training.

That’s our 30-year anniversary commitment to you.

Questions?  Where To next?

If you have any questions about cost estimation, automation, or any other features of Expert Estimation, call us on +61 7 3481 9676.  You can also find out more at