Industry Feature: PCA Ground Engineering

PCA Ground Engineering

Feeling unstable? You can lean on PCA Ground Engineering

Wouldn’t it be nice to always build on stable, flat ground?

“If only!” I hear you laugh. Some of the most spectacular projects in the world have been on mountainsides, across river valleys, deep underground, so why should you let the lie of the land stop you?

And that is where someone like PCA Ground Engineering comes in. From shotcrete to reticulated micropile walls, they know some of the most effective methods to improve the structural stability of the earth upon which you want to build. Think of what you could achieve! Bridges! Skyscrapers! Even just a nice park where you can sit and recentre yourself by looking at the clouds… You’ll definitely feel more stable after that.

The slope stabilisation works for Kingsford Smith Drive in Brisbane was one of PCA’s most prominent projects. This is one of the most commonly used routes from the airport into the city, serving as many visitors’ first introduction to Brisbane. The newer, wider road sweeps alongside the Brisbane River with pleasant pedestrian and bikeway access encompassing green space and public art, and it is all built on a firm foundation, thanks to PCA.

So whether you’re Ubering from the airport into Brisbane city for a business meeting, or live in the area and make use of the new road and pathways, we hope your trip is a smoother one, which in turn leaves you feeling more stable and certain about what you want to achieve that day.

Pronamics is proud to work with PCA Ground Engineering.


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