Industry Feature: Civilex


Civilex is building a sustainable future

Civilex builds everything from roads to sports fields, but it’s projects like the Collector Wind Farm in the NSW Southern Tablelands that drives energy efficiency in Australia.

With giant turbines, measuring up to 150m to the blade tip, the Collector Wind Farm is due to be operational in early 2021, and deliver 528 gigawatts of clean, sustainable energy every year.

I remember as a kid driving past wind farms in Europe (they were less common in Australia back then) and gawping out the window at the hugeness of these great turbines. I would pick the end of a blade to follow and marvel at the speed and distance as it whipped around.

It was like watching an army of giant robots planted into an alien landscape. But wind farms are not just a futuristic dream, with almost 100 in Australia alone. And as battery storage becomes more efficient, companies like Civilex will continue to build wind farms, making our country’s energy supply more and more renewable.

Pronamics is proud to work with Civilex.


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