Industry Feature: Sage Automation

Get Automatically Cleaner with Sage

Cleanliness and sage go together like peas and carrots.

No, I’m not talking about smudging your house with sage incense, I’m talking about Sage Automation’s solution to trolley sanitisation in the time of COVID.

We’ve all seen the hassle of people trying to clean trolleys with wipes. The lack of consistency from person to person is inefficient, not to mention the expense for stores to supply wipes and pay extra staff to monitor the cleaning. Then there is the waste of all those wipes going to landfill.

The Sanitzit system replaces all that with simple, effective cleaning of trolleys, shopping baskets and wheelchairs. Developed in the US, the device is now being manufactured in Australia by Sage and has been rolled out at a number of supermarkets already.

It sprays a fine mist of sanitising solution to cover the entire object being pushed through, and can be adjusted to cover one trolley, ten trolleys, or just a basket! (I can already see parents looking sideways at the device, wondering if nudging their grubby toddler through is safe or not).

Sage has a reputation for innovation and automation, so it’s no surprise that they have embraced this opportunity to meet the demand for better public hygiene practises.

Pronamics is proud to work with Sage Automation.


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