Industry Feature: Gibson O’Connor

Gibson O'Connor

Gibson O’Connor bring art and reading to life on Waiheke.

Only a few kilometres east of Auckland’s bustle is the spectacularly beautiful Waiheke Island, where you can get “beached-as” with a good book. Anyone who has had the chance to catch the ferry over will enjoy lovely coastal walks, fantastic beaches and excellent food and wine-tasting.

They’ll also have the opportunity to visit the impressively distinct Waiheke Library, built by Gibson O’Connor. In their words “a design like this means that at every corner there is a complicated detail that differs from the others.”

Waiheke Library is a piece of art in itself, and residents and visitors alike can enjoy the result of Gibson O’Connor’s efforts—no mean feat considering working on the island requires careful planning ahead to manage costs, labour and equipment.

The final result is a unique building that matches the feel of the sub-tropical island climate, and is a reminder that it takes skill and planning to bring about these pieces of architecture.

Pronamics is proud to have worked with Gibson O’Connor.


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