Conflict Resolution in Expert Estimation

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Handle conflict resolution with confidence

Make peace, not war…

When data is moved between projects, there is the possibility that some of the same data could exist in both projects. Conflicts such as Resources or Defines with the same name, differing Cost Estimate Modes or Matrices will need to be handled prior to the data being added to the project.

When conflicts exist after pasting data into a project, the Conflict Resolution window will display an Overview section showing a high-level view of all conflicting data points and allows selection of the default behaviour for resolving each conflict.

Conflicts can be raised when pasting:
  • Resources
  • Global Defines
  • Take Off Sets
  • Differing Cost Estimate Modes
  • Differing Cost Estimate Quantities
  • Question Defines
  • Matrix Defines
  • Matrix Cost Estimate Templates
  • Resources Calculation Templates
  • Incompatible Matrix Items
  • Code Sets

Once an action has been selected for the conflicting data, the application will proceed with pasting of clipboard data.

The three general actions when resolving a conflict are:
  • Keep Project – this discards the data being pasted and keeps the information that already exists in the project.
  • Keep Donor – this replaces the existing information with the data being pasted from the clipboard.
  • Keep Both – this modifies the data being pasted so that both the existing data and the pasted data can exist in the project.

Note: Each conflict will have a different set of options to select from.

In addition to the Overview section, the Conflict Resolution allows you to further break down the conflicting data by separating the information into specialised categories.

Each category lists all the conflicting data being pasted and allows you to view the differences between the pasted and existing data. You are then able to make an overriding change to specific conflicts to the default action selected on the Overview window for each individual conflict.


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