Independent Cost Estimates in Expert Estimation

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Compare apples with apples…

When receiving prices back from a quoter, it is common that the rates provided include extra costs or exclude costs that were originally requested.

An example of this could be special freight charges associated with a quoter or trade agreements that involve additional purchasing at the rates provided.

These additional costs can be accommodated for in the Independent Cost Estimate which is accessed by clicking the View Cost Estimate button from the ribbon menu.

Independent costs are built up the same way you would build any other cost estimate within the project. The value generated from resources used in Independent Cost Estimates contribute towards the rates provided for quoted resources.

Note: Resources used in an Independent cost estimate do not contribute to the project’s overall resource usage.

When you have completed the Independent Cost Estimate, the value needs to be applied manually to each resource associated with a Quotation Comparison. This is done from the Quotation Comparison Quote Details window. The value is applied by entering a percentage into the % Independent Cost Estimate column. This percentage can also be automatically distributed proportionately across the quoted resource by using the Automatic Proportioning function from the ribbon menu.

A summation of allocated value is displayed in the Quotation Comparison Quote Details window at the bottom of the % Independent Cost Estimate column which allows for an easier view of what money has not been allocated to quoted resources.


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