Industry Feature: Ward Civil

Ward Civil

Ward Civil suck it up and get the job done faster

If you work in excavation, you would have seen the advent of dry suction in the last few years. In Australia’s comparatively dry climate, where water is at a premium, dry vacs are a fantastic time and money saver, and—more importantly—are safer for the crews who work with and around them.

Vaccum excavation is also known as soft-digging, or non-mechanical digging, and is often a safer way of digging around existing infrastructure.

Traditional hydro excavation uses high-pressure water to blast dirt into fragments that are then sucked up through large hoses. While a good system, it adds the weight of the water to the debris being removed, and the slurry needs to be disposed of appropriately, adding additional cost.

Dry vac trucks, such as those adopted by Ward Civil two years ago in Sydney, are an investment in safety and efficiency. Like an air compressor on steroids, the same effect is rendered as with the hydro vac, but without water. This means no heavy slurry to be transported, and what soil is removed can be reused on site as fill.

Not only does this save money, but it is better for the environment too. No slurry to be dumped or processed, less disruption to the excavation surrounds, less dust than traditional digging, fewer trips by truck, and—critically—less water usage in a country that can’t afford to waste any. Ward Civil is committed to the safety of its workers as well as the environment, so investing in these dry vacs is just one of the ways they are ‘sucking it up’ and getting the job done for everyone’s benefit!

Pronamics is proud to work with Ward Civil.


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