Industry Opportunities: Estimating in Space


The Ultimate Bespoke Project For First Principles Estimating Software

First principles estimating excels at unique projects and it doesn’t come more ‘custom-made’ than this. It’s a new industry taking off from 2021. The scope is huge. Fantasy is quickly becoming reality. We’ve discovered a funding opportunity and it’s perfect for first principles estimating. What is it?

Estimating In Space

“Earth to Scottie from Marketing. Come in Scottie.”

“Scottie here.”

“SCOMO this is Ground Control. We need an accurate estimate for a supply chain from the Moon to Mars.”

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind? I’ve got warp drive, transporters and tricorders, but I cannae do it without Pronamics’ Expert Estimation software and support.”

“Affirmative Scottie… Make it so.”

Estimate the Supply Chain Required For Moon To Mars Activities*

When you think infrastructure, you probably think excavators, cranes, earthworks, rail, and roads – the list is extensive and if you can name it, chances are there is a Pronamics’ client who does it.

But what if you look up, past the skyscrapers, way up past the planes and clouds? There is a big universe beyond our atmosphere.

Think Big. Now Think Bigger!

It is now realistic to imagine NASA requiring companies to build bases on the moon and mine Helium-3 from the lunar surface. Guess what? The Australian government is reaching to the moon and they want YOUR help.

Space Projects Are No Longer Fiction.

Jobs, skills, technology and services are all part of the roadmap to space exploration. The Australian Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants* are supporting Australian businesses and researchers to grow Australia’s space industry capabilities and capacities for both domestic and international space supply chains to support NASA’s Moon to Mars endeavours.

A Project Like No Other

How many estimators would like to work in the emerging space frontier? It’s THE most unique custom-made project scope for first principles estimating software… ever. We can help. What better way to determine if an inter-planetary project is viable than to use Pronamics’ Expert Estimation to cost it? After all, first principles estimating is perfect for bespoke projects, and it doesn’t get more ‘tailor-made’ than a project in space!

Go For It

If you are reaching for the stars, make sure you use the estimating software experts use to plan your venture. Our online and in-person training plus 24/7 support will build your skills and capabilities to help you achieve your moonshot.

The Final Frontier

With plans for launching rockets from North Queensland undergoing significant feasibility studies and government funding, now is the time to get on board.

Applications are open until 1st May 2023 and are assessed at least 3 times per year.

The countdown has started…

“How Good is That?”


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