User Defined Columns in Expert Estimation

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Customise your project.

User Defined Columns are additional columns that can be added to the Cost Schedules of your project from the Project Properties window.

These columns give users the ability to add a free text column, providing unlimited levels of categorization for Cost Schedule Items and allowing for a more customisable method of sorting and grouping items for analysis.

Entering values

Unlike most other Cost Schedule fields, you can enter a value into a User Defined Column regardless of the item state or item type.

One aspect that is consistent with these and most other columns of a Cost Schedule line, is that they cannot be modified while the item or project are in a locked state.

User defined column formulas

The SumUserDef formula is available for use in the Direct and Overhead Cost Schedule windows for returning a total of all items that have a specific value in a selected User Defined column.

For all the formulas available for use within cost schedules, go to the Cost Schedule Formula List.

Extend the use of user defined columns even further

Check out these Tips & Tricks videos on User Defined Columns in Spreading Windows and in Reports. Tips & Tricks videos are a great way to extend your knowledge in certain areas of the application.


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