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Did you know Pronamics has a list of estimators? With decades of experience across Australia and New Zealand, if you need an experienced contract estimator for a project, chances are we’ll know someone near you.

We service clients in all areas of the infrastructure sector, from local subcontractors all the way up to multi-national private enterprise and everything in between. Our software is used in aviation, rail, manufacturing, earthworks, landscaping, road, water, sewer, electrical, piping, defense, energy, construction, facilities management and all level of government.

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Are you an estimator looking to connect? Do you have skills that would benefit any project you work on? Are you tired of swiping right and swiping left on ads for positions only to be disappointed time and time again?

We know you, and we know the companies who need you.

Call us on +61 7 3481 9666 to get on our list of contract estimators so we can connect you.

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At Pronamics, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We value honesty and encourage all stakeholders to present their case in a friendly, professional manner.

We agree to work cooperatively to find the best possible solutions. We always remain open to dialogue and change.

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Glen Townsley is the founder of Pronamics, and has spent over 30 years building estimating software after a successful career as a civil estimator and project manager.