Tips & Tricks Video: Resource Search


Expert Estimation has a full-featured Resource Search Window

Expert Estimation has a full-featured Search Window with detailed options allowing you to accurately fine-tune your searches and apply resources quickly and efficiently.

With the addition of multiple searching categories, you have a very powerful and very efficient tool at your fingertips.

You can search for text, numbers, or symbols. There are 15 searchable fields to choose from.

You can ‘Select All’, choose one field, or customise a combination of fields; such as base rate, code, currency, subcontractor or supplier, and comparison name.

The Advanced Resource Search customisable search tool gives you filtering control when you search in windows using the Resource drop-down to apply a Resource; such as the Direct Cost Schedule, the Overhead Cost Schedule, the Cost Estimate, and Quotation Comparison.

To be able to make changes, the first thing you will need to do is make sure the line you wish to assign a Resource to is valid and marked UNFINISHED. A valid line in the Direct Cost Schedule must have a quantity and not be a text-only line.

In the Resource Name column, search the resource database by right-clicking on the line you want to apply a change to, and select – SEARCH FOR RESOURCE, or press the keyboard shortcut F6.

When you open the Advanced Resource Search window on a blank Resource name cell, you will immediately see the full list of resources available in the current and or linked projects.

If you have a resource already applied to a line when you use Resource Search, the window will immediately show you your current applied resource. Delete the active resource search name and you will see all of the available resources.

In this example, if we type ‘crane’ and the search mode is ‘text starts with’, then we will see no results. When we change the filtering option to ‘Text includes’, we will see results.

Here is another example. Let’s search ‘lab’, short for labour, and search in all fields. Then change the search field restrictions for the search to NAME and DESCRIPTION only.

You also have the option to search in your current project or to include in the search and use, all resources from linked projects. To do this, in the ‘Search In’ drop-down, select ‘Current and Linked Projects’.

On the left you can see which projects and subfolders the results are under. If there are any there that you want to use, simply double click or click on the resource and press select. That particular resource will then be applied to that line.

You can also search for symbols or numbers, which is useful if, for example, you are looking for a base rate amount.

You can use resource types to add another layer of filtering. You have 15 search fields to choose from.

Here’s a tip for new users. At the top of the Resource Name column header, if you right-click, then choose ‘Show Search Panel’, you will see the option to search for a word on your screen. This is completely different to the advanced Resource Search function that searches project libraries for resources you can apply to a line.

Only the Resource Search function has the powerful ability to allow you to choose which fields are used for filtering Resources.

As you can see, it is easy to do powerful resource filtering from all projects simultaneously with Expert Estimation using the fully-featured Resource Search window.

And that’s an introduction to working with the Resource Search Window in Expert Estimation. To find out more, check out our Knowledge Base article on the subject.


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