Industry Opportunities: September 2021 Tenders

September Tenders


You had better GETS going!

The New Zealand government wants you to spread your…. risk.

And what NZ wants NZ gets.

GETS gives you the latest government civil and construction tenders. Spread your risk with expert estimating software and get the next contract!

Check out the September 2021 Tenders for the New Zealand government here and talk to Pronamics if you want estimating and project management software that will help you save money, and get your projects completed on time.


Pronamics specialises in accurate, customisable construction estimating and project management software.

Founded more than 30 years ago by a project manager and estimator who wanted to make work more accurate, more efficient, and more accountable, Pronamics strives to be innovative, practical and focused on client success!

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and dedication to customer service.

Whether you run a small business or work for a multi-national company, we want to help you gain control of costs and get more done, so you can have more fun!

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