Who will win Perth’s Metronet Projects?

Western Australia

Who will win Perth’s Metronet Construction Projects?

Perth continues to have extensive infrastructure improvements made, and many Pronamics’ clients are in the thick of it. Shortlists have been released for who will have the ultimate prize of constructing three Metronet rail projects, and we will be watching keenly to see which alliances will win the work.

South of the Swan River is going to get busy with improvements and extensions to the Armadale line, from close into the city all the way out to the south-east. Joint Venture Alliances have formed and the competition will be fierce!

The first challenge is the Byford Rail Extension project.

Challenger One is the Byford Alliance – made up of Downer EDI Works, CPB Contractors, Aurecon Australasia, and CareyMC.

Challenger Two is the MetCONNX Alliance, which includes Laing O’Rouke Australia Construction, Pritchard Francis Consulting, and Kellogg Brown & Root.

A number of Pronamics’ clients are in these alliances, so you can be sure that Expert Estimation will be used to bid for this job.

The second challenge is the upgrade of the Armadale Line.

Challenger One is the Armadale Line Upgrade Alliance, comprising of Acciona/Coleman Rail, BMD Constructions, WSP Australia, and AECOM Australia.

Challenger Two is the Elevate Alliance, a joint venture between Downer EDI Works, CPB Contractors, GHD, Aurecon Australasia, and CareyMC. You can see may of the same names from the Byford Challenge, so we have no doubt those estimators will be busy!

The third challenge is the Midland Train Station improvement project.

Challenger One is the Transform Midland Alliance (Downer EDI Works and SMEC Australia).

Challenger Two is the Midland Junction Alliance (McConnell Dowell Constructors, Georgiou Group, Arcadia Australia, and BG&E).

Get into the Finals

It’s more exciting than an AFL Grand Final, so grab your popcorn and watch with bated breath to see who will emerge victorious. And then, once the Metronet tenders have been won, the real challenge begins—completing the projects on time… and on budget…

Which shouldn’t be a problem if they are using our products!

We will be cheering our clients on, and available 24/7 to support them with their estimates.


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