Pronamics Supports The Mini Farm Project Charity

mini farm


Charity in our own backyard

The Mini Farm Project is a charity that has created a chain of special purpose urban and peri-urban farms in Brisbane. They grow high quality, nutritious food for charities such as Meals on Wheels, and in doing so reduce food insecurity experienced by many Australian charities, and help get food to those who need it most.

It’s about community

They also partner with local businesses and community groups. The Mini Farm Project provides award winning catering company Wine & Dine’M with locally sourced, fresh produce and improves sustainability by turning kitchen food scraps from waste into compost.

It’s about making and breaking cycles

Their volunteering and training programs include helping long-term unemployed people move out of a cycle of poverty by working with qualified farmers. Portable, pop-up gardening methods have been developed to transform unused industrial spaces into vibrant gardens and urban farms. The full farming life-cycle is encompassed with local land, labour, consumption and eco-friendly waste management, making The Mini Farm Project an incredible asset to Brisbane and Australia.

It’s about security

COVID lockdowns and supply chain issues have highlighted the importance of locally sourced food security. When 1 acre can produce up to 10,000kg of food, or 30,000 meals in a year, the benefit of having that close at hand swiftly becomes apparent. The Mini Farm Project intends to reduce food insecurity in Queensland by 80% over ten years.

It’s important

Pronamics is proud to support this local Brisbane charity. Recently we designed and sponsored a car wrap for The Mini Farm Project vehicle. We asked Nick (Founder and CEO of The Mini Farm Project) and Ben Townsley (Managing Director and Lead Software Architect at Pronamics) this question:

Why is corporate support of charities so important and valuable to a company?

For us, companies with a healthy interaction in their community have a positive impact. They help charities like ours to get much needed equipment and continue the charities mission. It is also an important value add to the company clearly showing the community what the company values and cares about in their local community. Corporate support of charities creates connections, provides positive (and tax deductible) marketing opportunities and adds value in tangible ways that people truly appreciate.

Nick Steiner, founder and CEO of The Mini Farm Project

For Ben the answer was simple:

We support The Mini Farm Project because we have the capacity to do so and their mission is genuinely good. As a business we can grow, succeed and spread the love. We are sharing our success by helping people in our community. That is a good thing to do.

Ben Townsley, Managing Director of Pronamics

On top of this, Strategic Director Johanna Townsley helps The Mini Farm Project directly using her business skills and acumen by serving on the charity’s board.

At Pronamics we do what we can to support a sustainable and healthy community and environment. As well as supporting The Mini Farm Project we have gone carbon neutral and recycle where we can. Check out our Carbon Neutral Resource Guide with helpful tips, easy actions and valuable benefits for companies.