Coffs Harbour Bypass

New South Wales
Federal Government Coffs up for Bypass

A number of Pronamics’ clients are bidding for the Coffs Harbour Bypass: CPB, Seymour Whyte and Gamuda are all part of joint ventures that have been invited to submit their tenders for the project, 80% of which is being funded by the federal government.

While the drive past the Big Banana is iconic for travellers and truckies heading north or south between Sydney and Brisbane, the congestion gets hectic for locals and visitors alike. So this bustling coastal town is undergoing the biggest infrastructure project in its history, and it will make the world of difference to the people who live there.

Less congestion and improved safety are the key benefits as vehicles transiting through will avoid twelve sets of traffic lights, freeing up the streets for those in town and speeding up the travel time for users of the bypass. Significant effort is being made to minimise the impact on local habitats as well as reduce the risk of spreading Panama Disease, maintaining not just the beautiful surrounds, but the agriculture of this iconic region too.

And the flow on effects are pouring out faster than a spilled banana daquiri. Over a dozen local businesses have already been engaged to enhance the sound-proofing of residential properties in the area, and bunches of jobs are expected to follow.

This bypass has been twenty years in the making, and no matter which joint venture wins the project, Pronamics is proud to provide the software that estimates Australia’s infrastructure.


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