2021 in Recap

Christmas 2021


We take a look at 2021 in Recap

The end of the year is a great time to reflect, and we’re not just talking about our good-looking staff (freshly updated photos on our website!) Back in January, we set ourselves a number of goals, because we decided after the shock of 2020, we were going to be on the front foot in making the world a better place.


We kicked the wheels into motion by applying for and receiving certified Australia Owned status. The branding is on the end of all our marketing videos now—look for the green and gold stamp when you watch our handy Tips & Tricks videos!

Training Videos

Speaking of videos, you may have noticed new and updated training videos too. As new features roll out and the software receives upgrades, we add training content to our subscription services, improving your value for money. We added closed captions to all training videos at the start of the year as well, to make them more accessible to all viewers.

Sailing into Glory

Just before Easter, we learnt that local sailing legend Wistari had just lost their major sponsor. Pronamics stepped in to help keep this historic boat afloat, and were thrilled and astonished when Wistari went on to win the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race against much bigger and better funded competitors.

Farewell to Glen Townsley

T’was with mixed emotions that we celebrated Pronamics’ founder Glen Townsley’s retirement. Thank you, Glen, for all you’ve done for this company—we miss you.

Celebration of Ben Townsley!

Townsley 2.0 hit his 20-year anniversary this year! Pronamics celebrated Ben’s achievements and is so proud to be a family business.

Support and Training

We continued to maintain 24/7 support through various lockdowns. Also, Instructor-led Live Virtual Training courses were introduced to provide accessible training no matter where users are located.

Going Green and Good

Pronamics went Carbon Neutral—read up on our Easy Guide to for Businesses to Go Green. We also sponsored local charity MiniFarm, which supplies our local district Meals on Wheels, as well as various Brisbane restaurants.

What’s next?

What will 2022 hold for the business and for us in the community? We are keen to find out.

P.S. We signed a really exciting sponsorship agreement… stayed tuned to find out more early next year!

Our office will be closed from Friday 24 December 2021 and return on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

The Pronamics Technical Support Team is still available 24 hours on (07) 3481 9626 over this period. As always, please call us if you need assistance.

Merry Christmas!