Industry Feature: Lucas Total Contract Solutions

Engineering so good, it’ll blow you away

Pronamics clients don’t just win tenders, they win awards. Like the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards, you can barely throw a hard hat without hitting a winner who uses Expert Estimation in their business.

And even when they don’t win outright, they are finalists, like Lucas Total Contract Solutions. Their work on the Granville Harbour Wind Farm earned them a place as a Tasmanian State Finalist for 2020. The AEEA recognises this project as an “outstanding achievement in engineering and the invaluable contribution engineering makes to the economy, community and the environment.”

Designing and constructing this windfarm in what the AEEA declared to be “remote and environmentally-complex terrains”, Lucas Total Contract Solutions has contributed to Tasmania’s recent economic growth. The western coast of Tasmania is famed for its ruggedness, so wind power is a smart choice for Australia’s island state.

Whether the engineers are as rugged as the terrain is another question, but there is no doubt they are working hard, along with the project managers and estimators who helped to make this project a success.

With 2020 being a “record-breaking year for wind-turbine installation”, wind farms like Granville Harbour are becoming more and more common. Focus is also shifting to ensuring the recyclability of turbine blades, in an effort to make this industry truly sustainable.

Catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring footage of the wind farm construction here, and be blown away (pun intended!) by incredible engineering.

Pronamics is proud to work with Lucas Total Contracting Solutions.


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