Industry Feature: IQE

Smart people use IQE

Planning your costs is always a clever idea. Whether you’re a government department or a private corporation, people are rarely given a blank cheque these days (as nice as that might sound!) to just start building a new project.

And for good reason—accountability and profitability are important tenets of the public and private sector. Tax payers want to know how their money is spent, and share holders want to see sensible investments being made.

So feasibility studies are now common, and in Western Australia, Pronamics’ client IQE is particularly skilled in this area. First principles estimating is fundamental to their workflow, and from there IQE can assess risks and opportunities for proposed projects. They are also often used as an independent assessor when it comes to internally prepared or even contracted out estimates.

And since a common thread in all of our Wisdom Series has been that a good estimator always cross-checks, using a company like IQE is a straightforward way of gaining that verification that your numbers are right.

It’s a smart move, simple as that.


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