Get a Job with Expert Estimation

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If you’ve been looking at estimating positions on SEEK lately, you will have noticed that many companies are searching for Estimators that are familiar with first principles estimating…with a preference for proficiency in Expert Estimation. 

So if you’re wanting to work with the best in the business, we have the perfect upskilling solution for you that’s not only going to look great on your resume, but will put you at the front of the line to work with some of the finest companies around the world!

It’s quick, easy, accessible and affordable…here’s how:

1. Sign up to a free trial of Expert Estimation

Download the software and play with it. Run your own projects, call us day or night with any questions (yep! 24 hour telephone support is included in your free trial too!) and get a feel for all the things you can do.

2. Book a free online demonstration with one of our trainers

During a quick phone call, we’ll do a proof-of-concept project to show you the potential of the software. As a bonus – ask us to tailor the project to the industry you’re interviewing for – just to give yourself that extra edge in the interview.

3. Watch our free Getting Started and Tips & Tricks videos

With Getting Started videos for foundational learning, and Tips & Tricks videos to build specific skillsets, you’ll be boasting an intermediate understanding of the software and processes.

4. Access Pronamics free library of Knowledge Base Articles

Impress your prospective employers with your research skills and ability to find the right answer, every time. Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is a reference library like no other, right at your fingertips. With articles on every aspect of the software – from basic installation processes to the most specific and complex features – you’ll be an expert estimator in no time! 

5. Subscribe to our Online Training

Need something shiny for your resume? Our online training portal enables you to complete tutorials from introductory to advanced levels of competency. And the best bit? You get a certificate of completion at the end to add to your resume, so your prospective employer knows just how awesome you really are!