Tips & Tricks Video: Quotation Comparison


Compare apples with apples

The Quotation Comparisons module allows you to create, compare, and manage quotes for base resources by providing a series of tools and factors to ensure you are choosing the correct quotation for your project.

Within the Quotation Comparison module you can do many things:

  • You can Add a new comparison and manage the details from the Quote Details.
  • You can Add resources to the newly created comparison from the Manage Resources
  • You can Accommodate additional costings for each quoter within the Independent Cost Estimate
  • And Analyse each comparison’s data from the Quotation Comparison Analysis

You access this module by clicking the Quotation Comparisons button in the ribbon menu here.

In this window is a list of all of the quotation comparisons set up for the current project. To see the concreting quoters we have in this example, select the named cell, then click on View Details. The Quotation window summarises all of the quotation details and allows you to manage the resources you’re getting prices for in the comparison. The Original Values line shows the value of the item using the Cost values you have entered yourself.

To drill deeper and see the quote details of a particular quoter, select the quoter by highlighting the cell, then double click in the lock column beside the quoter, or click Quote Details here in the ribbon toolbar.

To edit original values, make sure Original Values in Quotation Comparison is ticked as the selected quoter, then go to the Resource Explorer and change the current rates of the resources.

We have TRAINING videos explaining how to drag and drop resources from the Resource Explorer to this window, plus other ways to easily add, auto-create, clone resources, and match quantities in Quotation Comparisons.

It’s important to know that you’re only able to do Quotation Comparisons using Base Resources, not Group Resources.

At the bottom of the window In the Summary Bar, you will see the total cost to acquire these materials from this supplier. This is also clearly shown in the Quotation window here.

Once a comparison has been created and a quoter has been selected, the updated rates can be used throughout the project. Then you can easily select the most suitable quoter with the green tick ribbon button.

You will see that supplier’s price information in the Quotation Comparison automatically updates the Resource Explorer information used in the project.

There’s still a lot more you can do with this feature. For further information about different ways to create, manage and optimise the Quotation Comparison module, have a look at the Knowledge Base articles. They cover many aspects of Quotation Comparisons.


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