Don’t Make this Expensive Mistake with Excel

Don't make these estimating mistakes


Excel is an incredible tool. But it has a weakness that can lead to disastrous results. There are infamous examples where a simple typographical or clerical error has cost an organisation billions.

We don’t want you to join them, which is why when you are looking for construction estimating software in Australia, we believe Expert Estimation is far superior to calculating with Excel.


Number validation

Change a value and be confident that it updates wherever it is required in your project. You don’t need to fret and check through multiple spreadsheets to find a single rate. You can change it once and know it’s done.

Compare Subcontractor Quotes

Adding quotes to spreadsheets and comparing them effectively can be a nightmare. A first-class estimating software package will allow you to input the different quotes easily. Then it will help you customise your quotation comparison, and provide a clear summary OR a detailed report.

Is it built for multiple users?

Multi-user access is key when it comes to efficient collaboration. Even if estimators are in different locations, and come from different disciplines, a project can be stored by a central server.

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth, or trying to access a locked file in a shared drive, leads to the risk of multiple copies. It can be difficult to determine which is the correct version, leading to errors and time-wasting.

The answer is one server, one project, and multiple users that can’t accidentally override each other.

Project Messages

A spreadsheet won’t always warn you that you have a misclose, or when a formula isn’t working. Expert Estimation will, however, and won’t let you finish your project without telling you about errors or potential problems. And the message will take you straight to where the issue is, so you can fix it rather than waste time searching for it.

Even small errors can lead to huge expense, so why risk it? Don’t make mistakes with excel. With Expert Estimation, you can have peace of mind that the system has your back.