Tips & Tricks Video: Go To Definition


Define yourself

Expert Estimation allows you to navigate to the source of a defined value in a formula. You can do this using the ‘go to definition’ function.

Let’s see some examples.

To use ‘go to definition’ simply select any cell in a row where a define has been used has been used in the formula, and then click the ‘go to definition’ button here on the ribbon toolbar In this case, it takes us directly to the take-off set calculations sheet where the take-off define has been calculated and also selects the relevant row.

When used on a line where a Global Define has been applied it will open the Global Defines window, filtered for just the relevant global define Using ‘go to definition’ for a local define in a cost estimate allows you to jump straight to the line where it’s defined.

If used on a line with multiple defines in the formula, you can choose which of the definitions you wish to navigate to.

For more details, check out the knowledge base article that we’ve linked below this video. The Pronamics Knowledge Base contains printable articles on every feature of the application, and is a great resource you can search and bookmark.

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