Tips & Tricks Video: Indenting Schedule Items


Make schedule navigation easier

You can use item indenting to make your schedule easier to navigate, and create special parent and child items.

Let’s go over examples and the differences of each. Use this button on the ribbon toolbar to indent selected items.

You can indent multiple items at once. Indenting under a ‘text only’ item, that is, an item without a quantity, makes the ‘text only’ item a Header Item as indicated by this icon in the information column.

We can now click here to collapse all the sub-items into the header item. This makes long schedule easier to navigate, and doesn’t alter the items or what information is displayed on the submission schedule.

You’ll also see an automatic sum of the estimated total of the items here. Note this will include any indented items included in calculations.

Indenting items under a contributing item creates a special relationship called parent and child items. This is useful when you would like to break down a complex item into smaller, more repeatable items. Each child item may be priced individually.

When you collapse the parent item, the sum of the estimated total of all child items will be added to the estimated total of the parent item. This will be divided by the parent’s quantity to calculate the estimated rate.

You can take this further still by having multiple levels of indenting within child items, and even include header items. Only the parent item, highlighted in green, will appear on the submission schedule, attract spread and have a sell rate and total calculated for it.

You may outdent indented any items using the outdent item button the ribbon tool bar. If the selected items are at the same indenting level, you may outdent multiple items at once.

For more information, check out the related tips and tricks video, and knowledge base article, that we’ve linked below this video.


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