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It’s an encyclopaedia for Expert Estimation

Every time we updates features or improve aspects of Expert Estimation, we update our Knowledge Base.

It’s a veritable font of knowledge (not just a dripping tap of occasional insight) with articles on every feature in Expert Estimation and Expert Project.

There are Release Notes for every update, embedded Tips & Tricks videos and you can search and bookmark articles for later reference.

Major features link to each other, and there are breakdowns on the ribbon menus, grid columns, as well as project properties and options. Article subheadings will tell you if a feature is only available in Express or Genesis, so there is no confusion over what you can access in your edition of the software.

More than that, these articles are free to access!

Using Pronamics Knowledge Base is simple

Save – bookmark

Search – keyword or phrase, ie. “cash flow”.

Scroll – find the article you want.

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Scan – the drop-down menu is on the left-hand side navigation pane.

Save – keep articles as favourites.

View – your saved favourites live on the top right-hand side.

Print – use the icons on the right-hand side.

Knowledge Base article

So give it a whirl – head to and read/learn all about Expert Estimation, Expert Project and Cost to Complete.

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