What are your Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions





But… what are the right questions?
And are they the most frequently asked questions…?

A lot of websites have FAQ. They can be a great way of giving people information quickly.

They can also be a lazy, sloppy way of jamming in keywords in an effort to boost SEO, and don’t always focus on what it is users’ want to know. Marketing departments make assumptions on what they think users should be interested in.

We were determined not to do that.

So how did we arrive at the list we did?

We took the time to talk to our Sales Team and we found out what prospective users actually asked when speaking to us.

Some people have browsed the website and they want to clarify a few more details so they can get the most out of their 30-day, fully supported, free trial.

They might want to find out where their data is hosted, or what operating system they need.

We also noticed that website visitors spent a lot of time reading through our product features and editions. So, we put a direct links from the FAQs to the edition comparison tables so they can compare features for different levels of Expert Estimation and Expert Project.

Our shortlist is kept short

It can be overwhelming when an FAQ list runs on and on. We wanted you to have the essential information so you can save time when talking to our skilled consultants about your personal situation.

Because despite the FAQ, nothing beats talking to person who is knowledgeable about their product or service. And since we’ve gone over 30 years with mainly word-of-mouth referrals, you can be damn sure we do our best to meet people’s needs.

And we listen. So, if you have a question, a request, or even just a comment about how we do things at Pronamics, we want to hear it.

You can call us 24/7 on 07 3481 9626.

You can email us at support@pronamics.com.au

You can even chat with us on pronamics.com.au

One thing you can be sure of, however, is there will always a human at the other end ready to talk to you.