Using Matrices in Expert Estimation

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Step into the Matrix…

You, the estimator, have the power to change reality. You see all the inner workings of a project and shift the 1’s and 0’s to produce the outcome you need. It really is like being in the Matrix…

But what are Matrices? More than one Matrix?

Matrices, within Expert Estimation Genesis, represent collections of related items that share a common set of attributes. The values of these attributes can then be referenced when estimating the rates of individual units of work.

While each item within a matrix is unique with their own set of attributes, each Item in a Matrix can share a common Cost Estimate Template.

Within the Matrices module you can:
  • Create and manage a set of Matrix Items for a particular Matrix.
  • Define a list of Attributes and Matrix Defines that can be referenced in calculating the rate of a Matrix Item.
  • Create a Cost Estimate Template that can be assigned to multiple Matrix Items within a particular Matrix.

The contextual ribbon menu at the top of the window displays all the available functions within the Matrices window.

The main grid area displays a list of all available Matrices when you first open the Matrices window. A Matrix cannot be removed if one of the Matrix Items associated with it is used within the project.


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