Tips & Tricks Video: SavvyChat


SavvyChat, is a fast, convenient and efficient way to communicate with other Expert Estimation users.

This feature is incredibly beneficial for multi-user environments that span large distances. With this in-app chat feature, you can clearly see who is connected to the server, which projects they are working on, and their contact details, then quickly and easily communicate with them within the app.

To use the feature, go to the chat icon in the bottom right corner. A window will pop up showing you the other users connected to that server.  To send someone a message, click the ‘open conversation’ icon beside their name. Press ENTER or this icon to send the message. Your chat message is saved in a thread.

To close the chat, but not lose the thread, click on the red X symbol here.

This will take you back to the window listing all connected users.

If you click on the chat icon again beside a name you will see your message thread is still there.

Click on the 3-line icon here to see which projects others users have open.

This chat feature is a person to person tool for 1-to-1 conversations. You can copy and paste to send the same message to multiple users. You cannot simultaneously send messages to multiple users.

To set up your user details that appear inside the chat, go to FILE – OPTIONS – USER DETAILS. Then choose the name you wish to display, your best email address and contact number.

Ticking the Offline Messaging checkbox in User Options manages whether or not you will receive an email copy of a chat message while you are offline. If you tick the box you will receive an email the first time another user sends you a message while you are offline. When you go back online the email forwarding function will pause until you are offline again.

You can autohide it to the side with the pin icon. You can dock the chat window into the main tab section of the application. You can minimise, maximise, or close the chat window.

The chat tool brings with it a whole new level of multi-user adaptability; a way to interact and collaborate with an estimating team across the office, across the country, or even across the globe.

And that’s an introduction to the chat conversation feature in Expert Estimation.



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A lot of work goes into generating Tips & Tricks videos, like this one about SavvyChat, but they are still part of our “More Done, More Fun” culture here at Pronamics.

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