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what is expert estimation express?

Bring a new dimension of power, clarity and repeatability to automated estimating. Expert Estimation Express gives you complete control over building up costs and recovering margins and overheads, helping you keep projects ahead of budget.

Pronamics Expert Estimation Express Margin Control Window

FINER Margin control

Express builds on the margin options available in Excelerate by enabling you to set specific margins for each resource type on Direct and Overhead costs, as well as on Risk and Opportunities, Preadjustments and Provisional Sums independently of each other. This provides a greater ability to refine your project margins.


transparent reporting

Manage successful and profitable projects by integrating data from your management and estimating teams. Using Express, you will improve accuracy with the ability to create comprehensive reports.

Pronamics Expert Estimation Express Transparent Reporting Window
Pronamics Expert Estimation Express Cost-Estimate Automation Window

Cost estimate automation

Predefined questions populate a series of defines within the Cost Estimate. Simply copy a Cost Estimate, answer the questions, and your formula results automatically update – making your cost build up suited to new projects.

formulas you can count on

The independent formula columns in Express allow you to input and validate formulae logic. Unlike standard spreadsheets, formulae in Expert Estimation always remain visible so you can quickly review your formula calculation results.

Pronamics Expert Estimation Express Formulas
Pronamics Expert Estimation Express Realtime Project Messages

realtime Project Messages

Express includes realtime project messages that ensures all of your calculations and values remain accurate. This function adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard your project.

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