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Make quick and accurate decisions with more than 20 key features from forecasting the cost to complete, tracking variations, extensions of time, progress claims and actual costs. Available in two licence levels, Expert Project provides all the essential tools for financial project management plus more.

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cost vs budget live tracking

Performance against budgeted costs and timelines of actual work completed to date is crucial to forecasting a projects’ future profitability and success. Expert Project makes this process transparent and reviewable. In addition, users can estimate work not included in the original project budget or amend existing estimates as new information comes to hand.

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analysis and reporting

Expert Project includes an extensive range of reports and analysis tools, such as Earned Value Analysis, Tracking and Production Analysis. These tools allow you to find and resolve project abnormalities and potential roadblocks well in advance so you can make decisive corrective action.

Expert Project - Detail Cost Comparison Graph
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Wading through product documentation can be intimidating and downright boring. SavvyHelp, a contextual help system integrated into Expert Project, links with Pronamics’ online Support Hub, Knowledge Base, Online Training and YouTube channel. It provides a wide range of avenues for finding information about different features of Expert Project easier.

software subscription includes

  • Comprehensive Australian-based Support Hub*
  • Access to video tutorials and online knowledge base

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