Do I need Expert Estimation or Expert Project?

Expert Estimation if you need to estimate the cost of a future project – try free now!
Expert Project if you need to manage the costs and progress of a project about to start – try free now!

What features/edition do I need?
How do I get started?

Sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial!
No credit card required, and 24/7 phone support available for you as you get up and running.

How much is it?

We have a range of licensing options and price points to make our software accessible for every business.
Call us to tailor a package to suit you… be sure to ask about our discounts!

Does Pronamics host our data?

All of your data is stored on your own servers.

Are Expert Estimation and Expert Project cloud based?

Both applications are desktop applications, meaning you download the software using our product selector and install it on your PC or laptop.
The advantage of this is you can use both products offline if required!

What operating systems do Expert Estimation and Expert Project run on?

Microsoft, Mac*, and Linux*

*with third party platform

What Support and Training is offered with Expert Estimation and Expert Project?

Comprehensive Support and Training is part of helping you succeed. We have 24/7 Australian-based phone support, as well as chat and email.
We also offer self-paced online training, full day courses, and free Getting Started & Tips and Tricks videos, as well as our comprehensive free Knowledge Base.

Does Pronamics offer estimating or data transfer services?

Our software rocks, but everyone needs some help once in a while. For an instantly scalable workforce of software experts, ask us about our rockstar consulting services.

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