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Industry Feature: Hort Enterprises

Hort Enterprises crushed this project… One of the world’s most automated underground mines needed an E48 Crusher preassembled and installed, and Hort was the engineering company to do it. What is an E48 Crusher? It’s a huge piece of machinery, designed to munch up massive chunks of rock into ore, which is then conveyed to […]

Industry Feature: Leed

Leed is leader of the pack. Thousands of people were affected in West Adelaide when Port and Woodville Roads were cut off by heavy rains and flooding several years ago. Homes, businesses and even the Queen Elizabeth Hospital were reached only with difficulty, and a multi-million dollar decision was made that this threat needed to […]

Industry Opportunities: March 2021 Tenders

MARCH 2021 TENDERS Australia and New Zealand Tenders Want to build a wall when the footy or cricket is on, but construct a bridge between these two great countries every other time of the year? Then do it! Check out Australia New Zealand Civil Works Bids for the latest tenders in civil and construction in Australia […]

Industry Feature: Western Downs Civil

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Western Downs Civil are experts in support. Not only do Western Downs Civil sponsor local community clubs and events in Chinchilla and Miles, such as the footy, rodeo and motocross clubs (which in turn keep the local ambulance busy), they are also experts in providing physical supports for construction sites. The word “civil” describes someone […]