Should you send that Error Report?

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Tips & Tricks Video: Colour Profiles

What’s the story behind all the videos, anyway? Ever tried to make a home video? Sure you have… So you’d know a lot of work goes into it—just like a lot of work goes into generating Tips & Tricks videos, and even more for Training Videos. Here’s how it goes… Once upon a time, a […]

Important Expert Estimation Update (

Pronamics Expert Estimation Cost Management and Estimating Software Hotfix Update
IMPORTANT EXPERT ESTIMATION UPDATE BUG FIX Fixed an issue that occurred when closing the Quotation Comparison Details window. Resolved an issue where there was a font styling issue in the Cost Estimate. Fixed scenarios where invalid Schedule items were contributing to the Cost and Sell Totals of Code Set calculations. UPGRADE NOW! Check out the […]

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Estimate?

Don't make these estimating mistakes
HOW TO AVOID THE 3 MOST COMMON ESTIMATING MISTAKES! Errare humanum est, sed in errare perseverare diabolicum – Seneca the Younger.Translation: To err is human, but to persevere in error is diabolical. Every estimator has their own unique story. We work alongside each and every one to overcome their challenges, and after more than 30 […]

How to Mentor Younger Estimators

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating
GLEN’S 20 CENTS – MENTORING ESTIMATORS A generation ago, many estimators entered the industry via cadetships. A mathematically-minded cadet might end up in the estimating department, where they would interpret drawings and get prices, often whilst studying several evenings a week. A few years in, they might be sent out to site for weeks at […]

Important Expert Estimation Update (1.1.9633.0)

IMPORTANT EXPERT ESTIMATION UPDATE ENHANCEMENT  Improved the performance of updating Cost Schedule Item properties. BUG FIX  Resolved an issue where Resources were not being correctly assigned to pasted Cost Estimate lines. Fixed an error when editing the value of a Local Define function from the Quantity field of the Cost Estimate. Resolved an error that […]