Pronamics Expert Estimation Software


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Central Systems (Centrals) deliver a wide range of multi discipline construction and maintenance services for their clients in the oil and gas, mining, and utilities sectors.

I can be 100% confident with the results that Expert Estimation produces and the clarity it provides.

Greg Elliott Estimating Manager, Central Systems

Drilling down

Greg and his team were concerned that their estimating process had become overly complex; manual spreadsheets were unreliable, uncontrollable and inconsistent and review processes were becoming difficult and drawn out, increasing the potential for catastrophe. Greg knew that Central Systems needed to do something, and do it fast!

Extracting options

Greg began to investigate and consider his options but ultimately decided that Expert Estimation was the solution he needed. Expert Estimation was easier to operate than other estimating packages, allowing for easy creation of the estimates of costs that were reviewable, reportable, and repeatable. After some discussion, Greg decided to “just do it” and has never looked back.

Refining Workflows

Since Central Systems have installed Expert Estimation, they have filtered out their previous workflows. Estimates are now structured and effortless to review. Tender efficiency has increased and the consistency in the estimating process brings clarity to all projects.