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Talio integrated facility management

Talio takes the hard work out of managing your business facilities. Services include cleaning, property, security, workplace supplies and commercial concierge services.

Excelerate has brought certainty and clarity to how we price out contracts and allows us to make sound business decisions.

Nathan Schokker Director, Talio Group Pty Ltd

the dirt

Talio was using an industry standard rate to price their contracts. This lead to lower than expected margins, as it didn’t factor in the different quirks of individual jobs. This meant that they could not accurately identify and target the more profitable services.

Nathan realised Talio required a solution that would take pricing from cloudy to clear.

right tool

Excelerate was the answer that Nathan needed. Talio was able to import data from their accounting package into Excelerate and generate accurate pricing structures for services.

This allowed Nathan to see how individual components contributed to costing, allowing him to better plan for profitability.

cleaning up

Excelerate created clarity allowing them to work smarter, not harder. Even if a service varied significantly from job to job, profit was stable and guaranteed.

Before committing to new contracts, Talio are able to reference Excelerate to ensure they spend less time getting dirty and more time cleaning up.