Construction Cost Estimating Software – What Is It?

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Construction Cost Estimating Software

What is it?

Construction Cost Estimating (CCE) software is an essential tool used by construction professionals to estimate the cost of building small to large-scale projects. CCE software is designed to help construction professionals estimate the cost of a project more accurately than traditional methods.

It provides a clear workflow and professional interface for users to enter key information about their projects, and then generate accurate estimates based on the data entered. Depending on company terminology, sometimes a Construction Cost Estimate is referred to as a CCE.

Why Is It Critically Important To Get The Right Estimation Software Tool?

Using specialist estimating software built specifically for your industry is an excellent way to improve efficiency, and save you time and money working on creating and managing bids. Using software designed for professional estimators and teams working on single or multiple projects is crucial to success.

They submitted twice as many tenders in three months as they would in a year and won almost twenty times their annual projects tendered when measured by project value.

– Jan Gunnick (Up Den Gunn Tender Management)

Why Is Pronamics Construction Cost Estimating (CCE) Software So Good?

Pronamics Expert Estimation professional-level software uses proven first principles estimating techniques, custom algorithms and unique features that help our clients achieve high accuracy and efficiency with their tender bids. Our software is used by a significant number of major construction companies in Australia. We offer Australian-based 24/7 support from our office in Brisbane plus a helpful online support hub and online training hub.

Pronamics has a proven track record with over 30 years of successfully delivering professional, specialist estimating software, service and support to small to large to Tier 1 level construction companies.  

Our software is essential if you need:

  • Greater accuracy in tenders
  • Reliable calculations
  • Cost breakdown transparency
  • Quickly repeatable projects
  • Highly manageable estimates
  • Clear and easy-to-read reports
  • Time-saving templates
  • A clear and repeatable workflow
  • A high degree of cost control
  • Industry-leading 24/7 support specialists

In our business, estimating is as important as project delivery. Expert Estimation’s adaptability allows Georgiou to develop accurate estimates for any project and become more competitive in all aspects of our business.

– Joel Norman (Georgiou Group)

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