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Autosave helps protect your data

The Autosave Cost Estimate function will automatically save a working copy of your Cost Estimate data on a periodic, user-defined basis in between you making changes.

This is done so there are recovery points should the changes that were made need to be reversed. Automatic saving of Cost Estimate information is controlled through User Options found in the Options – Cost Estimate window.

Enabling Autosave

From the Options – Cost Estimate window, enabling the “Automatically save changes to Cost Estimates option” will allow you to make periodic backups of your Cost Estimate data and allow you to recover this information from the desired Cost Estimate window when required.

You will be able to select the default location for autosaves, either within the project using the ‘Project’ location, or to the Expert Estimation Client user settings as a ‘Temporary File’.

Recovering an Autosave

Access to the Cost Estimate Autosaves is done by right-clicking on a line in a Cost Estimate and selecting the context menu ‘Recover Autosave’.

This will either display a list of the different autosaves that have been taken from the current Cost Estimate or recover the last autosave that was made for this Cost Estimate.

This will depend on the autosave location setting specified in the Options – Cost Estimate window.

If the option to save the autosaves in a temporary file is set within the Options – Cost Estimate window, a dialogue box will be displayed showing all the known Cost Estimate Autosaves of this Cost Estimate.

Note: If any resources have been removed/replaced, checking the tick box option labelled “If original resource is not present, attempt to match by resource name” will attempt to optimistically match a Resource in the selected Autosave data based on name. If there is a match found it will use that Resource, otherwise it will indicate a missing Resource on the restored Cost Estimate.


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