Tips & Tricks Video: Title Bar Text Customisation

title bar text customisation

Customise the Title Bar Text across all your projects using the display options.

Since our first major update in 2020, you are now able to customise the information shown in the title bar text at the top of the application. This means that you are no longer restricted to using just the application and project name in the title bar.

Customising the title bar text can help in a number of scenarios.

For example:

If you wish to make the text shorter – you can use your own acronym for the application name.

If you are working on multiple projects at the same time, now you can show the tender number in the title bar so projects are clearer to identify when switching between them.

You can also show which server an Expert Estimation instance is connected to, making it easier when you are looking at multiple copies of the same project on different servers.

To use this feature:

Click on the File tab from in the Top Left-hand corner of the window, and select options. Then in the options window select Display.

Under the heading Application Display Title, you will see a text field containing the default title bar text. Next to the text field is an information icon. By hovering your mouse over the icon, a tooltip will appear showing you a list of the keywords that are available to be used.

The text in this field is where you can control what information is displayed in the title bar by using the predefined keywords – including the surrounding braces (or curly brackets).

The keywords that you can choose from include;

  • ProjectName
  • Edition (which is the licence edition)
  • Application version
  • ServerName
  • ProjectReferenceCode
  • ServerURI
  • Client
  • Application, and
  • TenderNumber

As you make changes to the text field, the preview below will update automatically.  Any correctly entered keywords within the surrounding braces will be automatically translated to the correct information.  If there are any keywords with curly brackets left in the preview, double check the spelling of those keywords and spacing in the text field.  If they aren’t exactly correct, they won’t be translated.

When you press OK, the project title bar at the top of your project will then update to your change. You can type the keyword in lowercase, combine cases, or you can change the whole word to upper case.

If you make the whole keyword upper case, then that component of text in the live title bar will automatically change to uppercase.   Like this.

You can also enter alternative and additional text into the field.  It doesn’t need to be only keywords.

For example:

you could enter: {Application} {Edition} Server: {ServerName} ({ServerURI}) – ({ProjectName})

This will prefix the Server Name with “Server:“ and surround the ServerURI with brackets to make it easier to read.

Title Bar Text Customisation is a User setting, not a Project Setting. The Title Bar will update to show the current project information as you change between the projects.