Tips & Tricks Video: Colour Profiles


Pronamics’ 2020 April Update is out now!

Check out the Tips & Tricks video on customising Colour Profiles, where you can learn how to personalise your colour settings, override default settings and utilise the new options for colour vision deficiency.


What’s the story behind all the videos, anyway?

Ever tried to make a home video? Sure you have… So you’d know a lot of work goes into it—just like a lot of work goes into generating Tips & Tricks videos, and even more for Training Videos.

Here’s how it goes…

Once upon a time, a team of Pronamics developers created new features for Expert Estimation. Like a film crew stalking a herd of wildebeest on the savannah, so too does the Pronamics training and marketing team examine these features, seeking to understand their behaviours.

Then, like the write up for the BBC, a video script is generated, and reviewed by developers for technical accuracy.

Once scripting is finished, voice recording begins. Pronamics has a dedicated recording room for quality sound production (it’s also great for a quiet nap at lunchtime thanks to the sound proof padding!).

Screen recording follows—smooth footage of the animals (I mean, features) in their natural habitat is crucial for an engaging learning experience. And, like a link to a peer-reviewed Encyclopaedia, we also include relevant Knowledge Base articles so more information is accessible once the viewer has finished watching the video.

What is Knowledge Base, I hear you ask? Ok, you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you; it’s a fantastic repository of information on EVERY feature in Expert Estimation. Use it—seriously.

Back to the videos! Organising the audio and screen recordings into order and editing along with background music (gives it that perky, bouncy feel! Trust me, we steer away from the 70s-sounding lounge music).

With a number of final reviews, the Tips & Tricks video is released into the wilds of YouTube (or at least the domesticated farmlands of the Pronamics YouTube page) where it is free to be viewed and shared for the edification of all estimators.

Our Training Videos, of course, live at, and can be accessed via monthly or annual subscription. This goes back into improving and adding to our online training, and thus (like a gif shared on the office chat) the cycle starts all over.

Thanks for reading… and watching!