Tips & Tricks Video: Grid Functions


Grid functions: Sorting, filtering, reorganising, and freezing columns in the grid.

Expert estimation allows you to sort the grid by any column. Simply click on the column header to sort by that column, alphabetically or numerically, depending on the content of the column. Click again to reverse the order. The black chevron that appears here, will indicate which column you are sorting by, and by what order.

You are also able to sort by multiple columns.

After sorting by the first column, hold down shift and click another column header to sort by that column as well. In this case, the items in the grid will be ordered by values in the first column, then the second column.

If you hover your cursor over the column header, you will see the filter key appear here. This allows you to filter the grid for just the items that match a certain criteria.  For example, here are the items with just the criteria of metres cubed.

The filter key you can see now, indicates that the filter is being applied from this column. 

To remove, simply right click on the column header, and select ‘clear filter’.

You can search the grid.

Right click on a column header and selecting ‘show search panel’ or press the F3 key to toggle.  This allows you to search and filter the entire grid.

You can also custom freeze columns so they are always visible when you scroll.

On the header row at the top of the grid, right click on a specific column that you want to freeze to the left or right of your screen, and select ‘Fixed Styles’.  You can freeze the column you are on so it always appears on the left when you scroll, or appears on the right when you scroll.

You can even fix one column on the left and a different column to the right. The double vertical line here shows you where the fixed columns begin and end.

The ‘Undo’ button will undo data in the grid but not undo changes you make to the layout. To restore the original layout, press ‘Restore Layout’ in the ribbon menu.

These grid functions work in the direct cost schedule, overhead cost schedule, resource explorer and most other grids in the application.

And that’s an introduction to simple sorting, searching, reorganising and freezing columns in the grid.