What’s in a Mission Possible?

Ancient Estimating


End of the of 2020, Pronamics put out a fun little challenge for estimators to enter the draw to win an expert coaching session with Glen Townsley.

We were incredibly impressed with the number of people who entered the competition across Australia and New Zealand, following the clues week by week to dig up the answers to the questions we set. We also loved the specificity in the answers, which speaks to the diligence of estimators and their attention to detail.

We accepted a variety of answers, as long as it was clear that the entrant had followed the clues. We’ve shared some of the responses below:


Q1: What image appears under the What’s New button on 26 November 2020 news post?

  • icon-speech-bubbles.png
  • chat bubbles
  • one blue bubble with 3 white dots and one white bubble with three black dots

Q2: What icon is used for the New Features list in the November 2020 Release Notes?

  • Spanner and screwdriver
  • Screwdriver and shifter
  • Crossed spanner and screwdriver

Q3: What image appears in the Pronamics Facebook post DATED 26 NOV 2020?

  • Email banner for the November 2020 release
  • Computer Monitor / Lab / Cables
  • Computer with flow diagram


Q1: Name one of the users listed in the image in the SavvyChat knowledge base article?

  • Wade Simpson (astonishingly, no one picked a different user name!

Q2: Name the animal that appears in the image of the Ancient Estimating article?

  • Desert camel
  • Camel
  • Bactrian camel

Q3: Name the person whose image appears in the post of 24 November 2020.

  • Ben Townsley
  • Ben
  • Ben Townsley aka Townsley 2.0


Q1: How many ants appear on the loading screen when you open Expert Estimation?

  • (everyone got this one right!)

Q2: Go File > Options > General. Audio Options. Play Sound = Ghost.
Click Hidden icon from within the direct cost schedule. What sound happens?

  • Ghost sound
  • Whoo-ooo-o

Q3: File > Options > Display. Default Profile. Scroll down and make four Cost Estimate lines “white”. What image appears?

  • Rainbow (we wrote this Easter Egg into the software for the November Release)

We hope everyone had as much fun completing their missions as we did setting them. Again, we congratulate Angelo Costanzo for being drawn as the winner, but we commend all entrants for taking part!