Tips & Tricks Video: Password Protection


Restrict access and prevent unwanted project changes

During the life cycle of a project, there may be times when you have multiple concurrent users, all accessing the projects available on the server. To prevent any unwanted changes within your project, you have the ability to restrict access to a particular project by setting a Password.

A password is set on a per-project basis and is managed from within the Project Properties ribbon menu.

It’s easy to protect any individual project with a password. To do this, open the project properties and click ‘set password’.

Once a password is set a key will appear here to indicate this is a password protected project. A key will also be displayed here in the project’s window.

If any users attempt to open the project, they will be prompted to enter the password. You can remove or modify a password within the project properties.

If there is a password on a library project which has been linked to, you’ll be prompted to enter that library project password as well.

Once linked, if the linked projects password changes, you’ll see this prompt inviting you to come back into project properties and validate access.

For more information about Password Protection, check out our Knowledge Base article.


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