Industry Feature: Hort Enterprises


Hort Enterprises crushed this project…

One of the world’s most automated underground mines needed an E48 Crusher preassembled and installed, and Hort was the engineering company to do it.

What is an E48 Crusher? It’s a huge piece of machinery, designed to munch up massive chunks of rock into ore, which is then conveyed to the surface for processing. Getting the E48 down into the mine was complex and challenging, involving the transportation of components (some of which weighed more than 30 tonnes) to half a kilometre below the surface.

Underground mining requires extremely high safety standards but has a much lower impact on the environment than open-cut mining. It took almost a year to dig the giant underground hole for the crusher because it needed considerable support to ensure it was stable. It was then over another 6 months for Hort to get the crusher into place. Taking time was critical to make sure all operations were kept safe.

To be invited to quote and then undertake this project, then to complete all works with a Zero Harm record is impressive and Pronamics is proud to work with Hort.

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