Industry Opportunity: Refer and Earn in 2024

Earn a reward when you refer a new client and they purchase! At Pronamics we pride ourselves on our Australian-made amazing software and 24/7 customer support. We know your word is worth listening to, and we also believe that when it comes to marketing, users who already love our product, are the best advocates to refer […]

Want to be a Pronamics Featured Client?

Become a Pronamics Featured Client Did you know you can save money on your new licences by becoming a Featured Client? Over the last year, Pronamics has posted about dozens of clients and other companies in the industry for the fascinating work or interesting projects they undertake. Organisations that have opted to take the Name […]

Georgiou is 45 years old!

Pronamics Industry Feature
Georgiou is 45 year old! Pronamics is delighted to congratulate Georgiou of their 45th anniversary. We understand what it’s like to built a small family business up over the decades, and it’s an honour to have them as our client. A business is more than just a business. It’s part of a community. Georgiou values […]

Industry Feature: Western Downs Civil

Pronamics Industry Feature
Western Downs Civil are experts in support. Not only do Western Downs Civil sponsor local community clubs and events in Chinchilla and Miles, such as the footy, rodeo and motocross clubs (which in turn keep the local ambulance busy), they are also experts in providing physical supports for construction sites. The word “civil” describes someone […]

Industry Opportunities: March 2022 Tenders

March Tenders
MARCH 2022 TENDERS Get on top of Tassie! Last year Tasmania had one of the fasted growing state economies in Australia, and that trend is set to continue. So if you’re in infrastructure, make sure you’re on top of what tenders are available to you here on the Tasmanian State Government website. Your March 2022 […]

Industry Feature: AECOM

Pronamics Industry Feature
AECOM consults to enhance the lives of those it works for. As Project Manager and Design Consultant for the Casino Indigenous Medical Centre, AECOM did not leave community consultation to chance in the small NSW town. Involving the local indigenous community to understand what quality meant to them, AECOM incorporated as many requests as possible […]

Industry Opportunities: February 2022 Tenders

February Tenders
FEBRUARY 2022 TENDERS Opportunities in the great West land If Westralia really did secede and plan to build a wall to cut off the eastern states, you can guarantee that you would be able to bid for the project here on WA’s Pipeline of Work website. And while the possibility of a western secession was […]