Industry Feature: CPB & Ghella

CPB and Ghella will dig deep to get things flying!

Works on the new Western Sydney Airport are underway. This will alleviate the pressure on Kingsford Smith Airport, which is one of the world’s oldest and Australia’s busiest airports.

A secondary hub makes sense, and to get to it, CPB and Ghella will be constructing over ten kilometres of twin train tunnels.

The announcement came just before Christmas 2021. The tender team worked extremely hard to submit their estimate to the NSW Government, winning despite the tight timeframe and challenging lockdown circumstances.

In addition to the tunnels, this $1.8 billion project will consist of a number of new stations, creating jobs and a new option for those who previously crossed Greater Sydney in order to fly.

Despite the challenges of the past few years, the new Nancy Bird Walton Airport provides hope, not just for jobs and the economy, but that holidays and visiting loved ones will soon become the norm again.

Flying embodies a sense of adventure for some, purpose and business for others. The tunnels that connect Sydney to its new airport connect Australians to the opportunity for all of these things.

Pronamics is proud to work with CPB and Ghella.


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